Learn more about Goodwill Hawaii’s Maui relief programs

Get Started

The following downloadable forms are available here for your convenience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at seehawaiiwork@higoodwill.org. Fax or mail completed forms to one of our SEE Hawaii Work locations listed here.

  1. DHS 841 SEE Employer Application
    Employer Application to partner with the SEE Hawaii Work Program. The Employer Application is completed at initial set-up and annually thereafter.
  2. DHS 766 SEE Job Order – Employers use the SEE Job Order to provide the details of the job vacancies they would like to refer job candidates to.
  3. DHS 770 SEE Interview Referral – Employers use the SEE Interview Referral to notify SEE of their job candidate selections.
  4. DHS 767 SEE Agreement – Contract for Employer reimbursement.
  5. DHS 769 SEE Employer Invoice – Employer use the SEE Employer Invoice to make a reimbursement claim.
  6. DHS 768 SEE Client Evaluation – Employers use the SEE Client Evaluation to
    provide feedback on the work progress of their employee.
  7. DHS 847 DHS Portal DPP Administrator Application – Employers use the DHS
    Portal DPP Administrator Application to request a login to the reimbursement
  8. DHS 848 Portal Terms and Conditions Employer Agreement – Employers must
    agree to the terms and conditions of the reimbursement website.