Donate to Goodwill-New


imageSupport Goodwill by donating your gently used clothing and household items at any of our retail stores or attended donation centers. Your goods donations will be sold in our retail stores and provide direct support for our mission. You may be able to receive tax benefits.

Drop off your donations at any of our retail locations and attended donation centers conveniently located throughout Oahu, Kailua-Kona, Hilo, and Maui.

What donations does Goodwill need the most?

Goodwill Industries is looking for any of the following items that are in clean, saleable condition:

  • Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing
  • Kitchen and household items
  • Dishes, pots & pans, cooking & serving containers
  • Shoes and boots
  • Books
  • Linens and domestic items
  • Stuffed animals
  • Collectibles

“Clean and saleable” means you would give it to a good friend. There are exceptions regarding certain items. Please call (808) 836-WORK (9675) for additional information.

Are there any items Goodwill does not accept?

Goodwill cannot use or cannot accept and therefore declines donations of the following items:
All Manufacturer-Recalled Products
Hazardous Waste:
Chemicals, Paints, Poisons, Oils, Cleaning Products, Compressed Air/Gas Containers (including SCUBA tanks)
Contact your local Transfer Station for disposal information.

Electronic Equipment:
Major Appliances – Stoves, Refrigerators, Washers, Dryers, Water Heaters, TVs, Fax Machines, Copy Machines
Vacuum Cleaners (acceptable if dust bag has been removed)
Exercise Machines
VCR & DVD Players (not accepted in Hilo only)
Stereos & Speakers (not accepted in Hilo only)
Telephones & Cell Phones (not accepted in Hilo only)
Gaming Consoles & Electronic Game Cartridges (not accepted in Hilo only)

Construction Material:
Wall-to-Wall Carpeting & Padding House Fixtures
Toilets &Toilet Seats

Home Accessories:
Non-Framed Mirrors
Halogen Lamps Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Rusty Metal Desks & Cabinets
Tool Sheds
Outdoor Swing Sets
Beds, Mattresses, Box Springs

Machinery or Parts
Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers
Car Parts, Tires, Wheels

Infant Products:
Baby Car Seats
High Chairs

Printed Media:

Why can’t Goodwill use these items? Some items cost more to transport, repair or refurbish than they can be sold for in our stores, taking money away from our mission. Others are not recyclable or contain hazardous waste, and present potential liability issues. In general, hazardous waste and items requiring repair, assembly or cleaning cannot be accepted.

It’s best to call (808) 836-WORK (9675) to double-check the acceptability of questionable items.