My Goodwill Story

Free spirited and independent, Zsasha dropped out of high school at 17, one year shy of graduating. Zsasha’s parents split when she was young, and she was raised in a counter-culture environment with little guidance. Zsasha became regularly truant at school and was embraced by a rough crowd. She dabbled in drugs, rejected school and ultimately dropped out of high school.

But shortly thereafter, Zsasha made a life-changing decision to get her GED, apply to college and pursue her passion of art and photography. The Ola I Ka Hana program helped Zsasha take a firm handle on her future. Program coordinator Sandy Robinson described Zsasha’s self-imposed work ethic and determination: “When Zsasha entered our program there was no lollygagging. She came to class and studied hard. She was completely self-motivated and wanted her GED. She was an inspiration to her classmates.”

It was immediately evident to Zsasha’s Ola instructors that she was very smart and an artistically gifted photographer. Zsasha’s fierce dedication to her goals propelled her through the program. With encouragement from her Ola I Ka Hana instructors and classmates, Zshasha applied for acceptance to the prestigious Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Zasha was thrilled to not only recieve an acceptance letter, but also a scholarship to make her college dreams a reality.

Zsasha’s independence and determination for bettering her future is phenomenal. She continues to focus on her goals, and attributes much of her success to the Ola I Ka Hana program.