My Goodwill Story

Teddy worked as a food runner at the Sheraton Waikiki for more than 10 years.   After the September 11, 2001 tragedy, Teddy immediately lost his job. He decided to take his wife and two children back home to the Philippines where the cost of living was much more affordable.

In 2003, Teddy moved back to Hawaii with his family where they had their third child. He started looking for work, but had a hard time finding a job and ended up collecting welfare. After several months, Teddy got a notice in the mail to join Goodwill’s program to keep collecting benefits. At first Teddy didn’t want to talk with the counselors at Goodwill. He was very uncomfortable with the process, but the job counselor was very nice and he decided to let them help. Teddy learned how to put a resume together, what to say during interviews and how to look for jobs.

Teddy sent out his resume to many companies, and soon, a bakery hired him as a driver. After a 90-day probation Teddy was promoted to supervisor of deliveries, and now manages the drivers. He is very happy with the new job, likes the company and works hard.  One of the best things Teddy learned from Goodwill was how to work with people and be a good leader.

When it is time to hire new drivers, the first place Teddy calls is Goodwill because he knows that the people from Goodwill are trained well and want to work.

Teddy says, “I believe in the work Goodwill does and I know they have quality workers. I also refer Goodwill to others, and have a friend who now uses Goodwill’s placement services in his own company. I really support Goodwill because I know they are good at helping people find jobs. They did it for me, and now I have a great job that allows me to take care of my family’s needs.”