My Goodwill Story

Are you looking for people to hire?

When your business partners up with Goodwill Hawaii, the following employment services are yours FREE:
  • We provide you candidates who are pre-screened for education, skills, experience, and match your job requirements.
  • Once hired, we provide job coaching and other support services to ensure a smooth transition of our candidate in the work environment.
  • We help our candidate maintain employment at your business by funding child care, transportation, and other work-related expenses.
  • We provide replacement services. If our referral does not meet your needs, we will provide you with another match.
  • We also provide consultation services to help you develop more employment opportunities.
  • You will save time and money on recruitment and advertising expenses.
  • Your business may receive possible tax credits.

When you partner with Goodwill Hawaii, you’ll also be helping our candidates gain financial independence and become a contributing member of the community. Contact us today