My Goodwill Story

In July 1991, Denise was a successful 38-year-old. She worked at Del Monte for nine years, was happily married and owned her own home. But her perfect little world was shattered in a major car accident. After four months away from work, Del Monte could no longer hold her job open and Denise became unemployed. She was on pain medication for three years, and her body ached every day. She had no energy and grew more and more depressed. In 1994, her father committed suicide. Soon thereafter, her husband asked for a divorce. Denise’s world had never been darker and after attempting suicide, she ended up at Queen’s Hospial for a month.

Denise was trying to put her life back together again and was sending out 10 resumes every week looking for a job. The continuous rejection kept her in a shell, and she felt the world was just not safe for anymore. One day she saw an ad for Goowill’s free job training.

She was accepted into Goodwill’s Automated Office Skills Training through WorkHawaii, where she had a great time and never knew learning could be so much fun. It helped to bring her out of her shell, and she graduated from my AOS class with merit.

Goodwill offered Denise a job a soon after she graduated from the AOS class.  She worked on Goodwill’s contract in the Federal Building’s property management office for three and a half years. Then, she decided to venture out into mainstream society.

Denise pursued several jobs when she realized that a fast-paced high stress environment did not work for her. Before long, she was headed down the same destructive path as she was years before.

But Goodwill was there for Denise again, and offered her a job as a Support Specialist working with individuals with disabilities.

Denise says, “It was the opportunity of a lifetime. I have now discovered a true career path. At age 50, I have found a place in society where I belong, and love every minute of it.

“Working with my clients brings something special into my life that empowers me. Goodwill will always have a place in my heart. I will forever be grateful to them for not only turning my life around once, but twice.”