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Condo Donation Bin Program

Goodwill Hawaii offers clean, portable donation bins to high-density condo buildings on Maui and Oahu.  The donation bin program helps condo residents keep the dumpster trash at a minimum and encourage a clean, sustainable environment.  Donation proceeds are used to help thousands of people each year with employment counseling, training and job placement.

To participate in Goodwill Hawaii’s Community Donation Bin Program, Sign up here or contact Lindsey Pelliccia, VP of Business Operations, at (808) 836-0313 x1004 or lpelliccia@higoodwill.org.

Simple. Flexible. Charitable. Green.

Each bin has a capacity of 55 gallons.  A minimum of 3 bins per building is required to participate in the program.  Donation bins can be placed anywhere of your choosing to ensure exclusive convenience to your residents and for easy, discrete pickups and drop offs.  Full donations bins will be quickly replaced with empty ones.  It’s a community partnership that will benefit both your building’s residents and a reputable, local charity.

Program Benefits Include:

  • Completely free. No hidden costs.
  • Conveniently placed donation bins for your residents.
  • Donations may be tax deductible.
  • Fewer items in the trash, less mess.
  • Regularly scheduled pickups as well as special request pickups.

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