My Goodwill Story

After Andrew graduated from high school, he went to Goodwill to help him find a job. He worked with Goodwill job counselors to improve his job readiness skills and computer training.

Goodwill’s counselors arranged an interview for Andrew for a dishwasher position at the Gazebo, a restaurant in Macy’s, where he was offered his first job. Andrew didn’t have any experience in the kitchen, but he was willing to try. When he first started working Andrew was tentative, nervous and shy. Soon after he started, Goodwill received a call from the manager explaining Andrew’s situation. Andrew was uncomfortable working, he believed he could do the work and was willing to keep trying. Goodwill offered to provide additional job support services to assist Andrew with work skills.

A Goodwill job coach began working with Andrew on a regular basis to help him to become more comfortable in his working environment. As Andrew became more confident, his pace also hastened, and soon he was working so fast that he had time to do more things. After eight months, now helps others to learn to be as efficient and productive as he is. He has many responsibilities, enjoys talking to customers and providing excellent customer service. He also likes working with the other employees in the restaurant. Andrew says, “The people who work here make me feel like family.”

Andrew has come a long way since he first started working and his manager credits him for being the most improved employee. Now comfortable and outgoing, Andrew looks forward to going to work each day and has plans for a long-term career at Macy’s.